The Benefits of Installing an Under Sink Water Filter

By | 01/09/2019

Bottled water in the long run can cost your family a lot of money, and if you actually add it up at the end of the year, bottled water could cost you hundreds of dollars.

The Benefits of Installing an Under Sink Water Filter

If you were to buy an under sink water filtration system it would of saved you a ton of money at the end of the year; not only that, you’d be keeping the planet cleaner and greener. Most people use the excuse that tap water is dirty, or that it does not taste right. People actually look at you funny if you drink water straight from the tap these days.

Recently, thanks to the included digital reader that came with Zero Water, I discovered that bottled water is not much cleaner than your tap water. So you can throw the bottled water is cleaner than tap theory out the window. That bottled water that you are drinking consistently is just as healthy as that tap water you refuse to drink.

At any rate, no one wants dirty water. Everyone wants healthy, clean water, and to achieve such water you have to have a filter. You can buy a pitcher filter like Zero Water and store it in your fridge, or you can buy an under sink water filtration system.

Don’t panic, it only sounds expensive. I’m sure the reason most avoid an under sink water filter is that they think it’s out of their league as far as costs go, but there are many under sink water filters that you can easily attach to your sink, and the cost is very fair.

You can buy a Culligan for as low as $60.00. The system comes with a reminder of when to change the filter.

As wonderful as the Zero Water Filter has been (you can read review here), it does require a bit of shelf space in order to store it. A benefit of installing an under sink filter is that it won’t take up any space at all.

Other obvious benefits are of course not having to throw out bottles and bottles of water. Besides that, after testing bottled water, it’s quite clear that it’s not as purified as one would imagine.

An under the sink filter will clear your water of 99% of all contamination.

The reasons for choosing an under the sink filter are obvious. It takes up no space, there are no plastic bottles to waste, earth stays greener, and your water is cleaner. Mostly, buying a filter saves you money, which is what all of us could use more of.

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