Review of Pur Water Filter with Flavoring Option

By | 12/12/2018

Filtered water seems to be all that I drink anymore with water. I know that I used to purchase flavored water all the time, but found that a lot of times that it would leave a nasty after taste in my mouth. However, I recently installed a new water filter onto my sinks faucet.

Pur Water Filter

The water filter is from Pur, but it also has the option to have flavor added to my water. I remember when I purchased the filter all I drank in the way of water was flavored water, but now I am dubious about how well the water will taste now that I am used to plain water.

The first thing that I like about my new Pur water filter is that the shape of it allows it to fit better onto my sink faucet. This is a lot better than what I had prior which was a little bit on the bulky side and you had to swivel the entire filter head to get water.

The slim shape of the Pur water filter I have now allows me to be able to swivel my sink faucet around without hitting and knocking everything off of my counter! That and the smaller shape allows me to rinse more dishes underneath the faucet rather than using my hose.

The second thing that I love about my Pur water filter is that the way you turn the filter on is totally different. I know that with the old Pur water filter I had you had to move the entire filter case itself which if you didn’t have a hold on the faucet portion as well could start to unscrew the filter from the faucet!

Now all I have to do is flip a little switch on the side to get the water diverted out of the main faucet and into the filter. Much easier with a lot less hassle of having to juggle your cup and hold onto the faucet while opening the filter at the same time!

The one negative that I do not like about the new Pur water filter that has flavoring is that you have to push a button to get the flavor out. I know that it is only a button, but when you push the button it only gives you a little squirt.

I know that for me and my kids that one little squirt is not enough flavoring to keep us content, so we have to put in four or five squirts to taste the flavoring. Which when you have to add that much flavoring it ends up making the flavor container run out a lot faster.

The Pur water filter is a necessary item where I live. I know that I typically run my water through two filters to get rid of the chlorine smell and taste in my water.

So if you have that problem or just want to enjoy some flavored water without the expense of the bottles or waste in the landfill then you should try out the Pur water filter with flavor attachment, you will probably love it as much as I do!

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